Owners on the Boatsetter network can now offer Add-ons to renters from our list of choices. You can create, manage, and price each amenity. 

Your saved Add-ons will be available for renters who would like to customize their boating experience for an additional cost. This support article will tell you:

  • How to create/delete Add-ons
  • How to find Add-ons on your Owner Dashboard 
  • How to customize Add-ons

Things to keep in mind about your Add-ons

  • Add-ons payout are made separately from your boat payout.

  • Add-ons have a payout fee of $0.15. 

  • Add-ons may be refundable (See your cancellation policy for details). 

  • Add-ons will incur a tax, if the boat has a custom sales tax or is in a state wherein sales taxes apply. 

  • Add-ons have a lower service fee than the boat listing, which covers the customer support for the service.

How to find Add-ons 

To find Add-ons in your Owner Dashboard,  follow the pathway below: 

Owner Dashboard > My boats > Edit listing > Add-ons

Once on Add-ons, you will see the following screen. To create an Add-on, click the NEW ADD-ON button.



To create an Add-on, you will need to fill out the Add-on form:


A dropdown menu will allow you to select an Add-on option from our list. This list includes but is  not limited to amenities like: 

  • Ice
  • Cooler
  • Fishing gear
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Floating mat
  • Kayak
  • Photography
  • Inflatable toy
  • Tube
  • Bring a pet

After selecting the add-on, you will be able to input a price for the Add-on. You may select the price to vary 

  • Per passenger (price X number of passengers the renter selects)
  • Per hour (price X amount of time the renter chooses) 
  • Per booking (price X quantity renter chooses per booking)

In addition to pricing your Add-ons, you must indicate the maximum quantity a renter can request of the Add-on, and provide a short description of the Add-on (120 characters max). 

The add-on description will show in checkout when the renter is presented with the option to select add-ons as part of their booking.

Once you’re done filling out the Add-on form, hit Save! It will then be available for renters to add-on to their boat rental during checkout. 


To delete an add-on:

Navigate to the Add-on you want to delete, hit edit. You will see the word Delete in red at the bottom.


Clicking on Delete will take you to this screen: 


Confirm that you want to delete the add-on by clicking DELETE ADD-ON. 

Changes to bookings 

If an Add-on is no longer available for any reason, you should delete it and notify all renters on any upcoming approved bookings that there has been a change.

Please contact us at to remove an Add-on from the booking.

If a renter requests changes to their Add-on(s), the owner must reach out to Boatsetter’s Support team to adjust the booking.