Smart Boat Pricing

For boat pricing, you have the choice to list your boat with a custom price set by you, or to enable our Smart Boat Pricing feature. Opting into this feature will help you to price your boat competitively in the market in relation to other local boats similar to yours.

To opt-in to this feature, navigate to your Owner Dashboard > My boats > Edit listing > Durations & Pricing.

There, you will see the following pricing section. You may toggle between “Smart boat pricing” and “Custom pricing” to see which pricing method works best for you:


New boat listings created after 7/13/2022 will automatically opt into Smart Boat Pricing upon submission. This can be edited anytime after a new listing is submitted.

Please note: Smart Boat Pricing only affects the boat price. It does NOT apply to captain pricing or boats listed for fishing charters, or boats over 49 feet. Learn how to set up your captain pricing here.

If you select custom pricing, you may notice a color-coded indicator showing how your current boat price compares to our recommendation. 

Green will indicate you are in line with our recommended price.


A warning will show when you're outside of the range of our recommendation.


We suggest adjusting your prices if you are out of the suggested price range (in the orange or red). If you wish to switch to our Smart Boat Pricing, toggle the button to enable it.

You will continue to be able to adjust your prices with either method through your calendar for any day, such as weekends and holidays, as you wish. The prices we recommend for your boat are unique to the duration and do not dynamically change day to day. In the event we update prices, we will notify owners via email if the change is +/- 5% from the previous price.

Please note: Opting into Smart Boat Pricing will not come at an extra cost to boat owners.