Editing an inquiry

When you receive a booking inquiry (when a renter clicks “Message Owner”), navigate to the message thread with the renter, and there you will have the option to either “Pre-Approve” or “Edit Inquiry”.


When you click “Edit Inquiry,” it will show the existing booking details and an option to edit the start date, start time, and price. When you enter a new price, the system will automatically adjust your owner payout accordingly and provide a new price breakdown.


After you click “Save Edits," a message will be sent to the renter informing them that there have been changes made to the booking details.

If you want to make edits to a booking after it has been pre-approved, you can cancel the pre-approval, edit the inquiry, and then pre-approve the booking again.

A few things to note: 

  • Editing your inquiry will not pre-approve it. After you edit the inquiry and click “Save Edits”, you will then need to click “Pre-approve”. 
  • Boat owners can edit an inquiry regardless of their Advance Notice settings.
  • If you change the date, the start time will automatically reset.