What to do if you cannot fill out the digital check-in/check out forms

Filling out the check-in and check-out forms is very important when renting out your boat. The digital check-in/check-out forms are available in the Boatsetter Owner’s app one hour before the rental starts up to one hour after the rental ends.

If you are unable to complete the digital check-in/check-out forms, please fill out the PDF form. This form can be sent to you from our support team by emailing us at contact@boatsetter.com.

Please hold onto the PDF forms in case a damage claim needs to be made following the completion of the trip. If there are no reported damages, there is no need to submit the PDF forms to us. We also strongly recommend taking plenty of photos and videos of the boat before and after the trip.

It is important to remember that if the trip extends for any reason, keep us notified so we can make the proper adjustments to the booking. This will allow you to complete the check-out process on time.