Owner standards

Boatsetter prides itself on having the highest quality fleet in the industry. To maintain a network of reliable, safe, and fun boating experiences, boat listings may be removed or permanently deactivated for not meeting owner standards.

The following are examples of why an owner may be removed or deleted from the Boatsetter platform:

  • Being unresponsive or slow to respond to clients. See Managing your bookings.
  • Boat is frequently unavailable, under maintenance, or has a low booking conversion rate.
  • High cancellation rate of bookings.
  • Directing clients coming from Boatsetter to book outside of the Boatsetter platform.
  • High number of damage claims filed or filing damage claims late. Claims should be submitted within 48 hours of a rental if damage occurs. See Reporting boat damage or lost items.
  • Complaints from clients for reasons such as poor customer service, inappropriate or unprofessional behavior, lack of cleanliness, non-functional equipment, or boat conditions that do not match the boat listing.
  • Non-compliance with Terms or USCG regulations.

Owners are expected to have an up-to-date calendar that displays real-time boat availability. Here is information on updating your calendar or adjusting advanced scheduling options.

If a boat is unavailable for a prolonged period of time, owners are encouraged to set the boat as "Inactive" which will remove the listing from search. This will not cancel any upcoming bookings you may have.

To set your boat to inactive and remove your listing from search, navigate to your Owner dashboard > My boats > Edit Listing > Availability > Scroll down to Boat visibility > Toggle "Active" to "Inactive”.