Claim process for lost or damaged items

As a renter, you are responsible for leaving the boat in the condition it was in at delivery, with fair wear and tear excepted. If damage occurs to the boat during your rental, please submit a claim within 48 hours to our claims department by emailing with a description of the incident as well as any relevant photos/videos. Owners may submit claims as well.

Once we have captured your security deposit, an email will be sent to the email address on your Boatsetter account. This email will include the owner’s name from the booking where the damage occurred, details of the damage, and the amount of the security deposit that was captured. We encourage renters to reply to this email with any additional information regarding this claim, as well as confirmation that the email was received. 

We will continue to hold your deposit during the claim investigation. Please note: Boatsetter reserves the right to recapture your security deposit if there is damage reported following the release of your initial deposit. While uncommon, there may be extenuating circumstances that result in damage/lost items reported later than 48 hours post-rental.

Our claims team will then stand by for an invoice/estimate/receipt from the owner for the repairs/replacement of lost or damaged items, or the appraisal letter from Geico. Once these documents have been received, an email will be sent to the renter explaining the repair costs. The details of the claim, along with the repair costs, will be reviewed by our claims team for verification. This information is verified within two business days. Within this time frame, you will have the opportunity to reply with any questions or concerns regarding the charges against you. 

Once the receipts/invoices for the repairs have been verified, repair costs will be paid out from the renter’s deposit. Renters using Geico’s Peer-to-Peer insurance are liable for up to $7,500 in repair costs, which go toward covering Geico’s deductible. Once the renter has been charged, our claims team will move forward with paying out the owner and the claim will then be closed.

It is possible for claims to result in third-party arbitration when a resolution cannot be reached. FairClaims is a third-party arbitration service we provide for owners and renters. When a claim is sent to FairClaims, it will then be decided by an arbitrator as to how this claim will be resolved. If you would like to learn more information regarding FairClaims, please reach out to our claims team via email at