All about piracy

In an effort to protect our users' privacy, the Boatsetter platform blocks the use of phone numbers, email addresses, and websites in conversations, profiles, and boat descriptions. We have enforced these safeguards in order to ensure you are protected under our Terms of Service.

The following mentions what is permitted and prohibited when it comes to communicating with users via our platform.


  • Users may send and receive messages with other users (renters, owners, captains) about booking details.
  • Once the booking becomes approved, you will be given access to phone numbers, email addresses, etc via your itinerary.
  • Charge/collect gratuities off-site (in person).


  • The exchange of phone numbers, email addresses, or social media info prior to approval.
  • Taking bookings off-site.
  • Advertising other companies.
  • Collecting rental payments outside of the website.

Messages including a phone number prior to booking approval will be blocked, and a warning will be given to the party sending the information.