How to leave a review

Leaving a review for users (owner, captains, and renters) is an important part of the Boatsetter platform and lets others in the Boatsetter community know what to expect from fellow owners, renters, and boats. You can leave a review through the website directly on your itinerary via the booking dashboard or your inbox.

In order to leave a review via the trip itinerary, please take the following steps: 

Messages > Select your booking > "Leave Review" on the right-hand side

You can also leave a review via your booking dashboard. To do this,  log into your account on and click "Bookings”. Once you find the correct booking, select "Leave Review". If you are unable to find the booking, please filter to “Concluded.” 

Note: Users can only leave a review if they have successfully completed a booking. If you have any questions, feel free to email our support team at