Setting special prices

Potential renters rely on an owner’s calendar to show them boat availability and rental rates. Keeping your calendar up to date is crucial to the success of your listing and booking process. Below are steps to offer a special price on specific dates to renters:

  • To edit from your boat listing, navigate to My Boats > Edit listing > Calendar. Once you double-click on a specific date, you will be prompted to choose a percentage increase or decrease at your discretion. Please note: Creating a date price adjustment will not affect approved bookings on that date.
  • To edit the price on a specific booking, the booking request needs to be an “Inquiry” (cannot be in a pending state). When you have received an inquiry, you will have the option to “Pre-approve” or “Edit Inquiry” from the message thread.

Approved bookings will require a Boatsetter Support crew member to make these changes. Please note: Boatsetter can adjust prices on approved bookings only if both the renter and owner have agreed to the new price. To make these agreed-upon changes, please reach out to our support team by emailing us at