Unresponsive owner

We suggest allowing owners 24 hours to respond to your message or booking requests. If you haven’t received a response in 24 hours, we strongly suggest looking for similar boats that check the boxes you're looking for in a rental and messaging those owners. This will increase your chances of getting out on the water! 

A couple things to remember:

- You won’t be charged for a booking until it has been approved by both you and the owner. Only after this happens will the payment be processed and you will receive a trip itinerary that contains trip details and personal contact info from both parties.

- You can rescind your pending request at any time for any reason, without any penalty. To do so, select "Cancel" directly in the message thread with the owner or cancel the request from your renter's dashboard. Your card will not be charged until the booking is marked as “Approved.”

If your booking status is showing as an “Inquiry”, you will not be charged and can make another booking request without penalty.