Booking states

There are various different booking states on our website. See below to learn more about each booking state:

The booking is accepted and fully confirmed in the owner’s calendar. Once bookings are approved, personal contact information is made available on the itinerary. To learn more about your itinerary, please click here.

Pre-approval is the result of submitting an inquiry rather than a booking request. This allows owners to give advance approval before payment is collected. A renter and owner can have multiple pre-approvals for each time slot. Therefore, the boat will not be reserved until payment is submitted and the booking terms are accepted

Payment Held

The renter has submitted their payment information, and the owner can choose to approve or decline this request. Payment held will expire after 72 hours if no action is taken. Payment held is not a confirmation of a booking and payment is not taken until the owner has approved this request.


The renter has chosen to simply “message the owner” and has not yet entered payment information. Both the renter and owner can make edits to the inquiry details. From here, the owner must pre-approve the renter. After pre-approval, the renter must enter payment information to finalize the booking.


The booking is currently in progress. 

The booking has been cancelled and is no longer active or approved. These cannot be reversed —should you wish to make a new booking, you will have to create a new booking request. To learn more about Boatsetter’s cancellation policy, please click here.

The rental request date has passed and the trip was not approved or declined by the owner. You are not charged when this happens. For help with an unresponsive owner, please click here.

This booking is complete and the deposit has been released. To learn more about the deposit holds, please click here