Check-in and check-out

On the day of your booking, you will complete the check-in and check-out with the renter. During this process, you inspect the boat and its equipment and mark your engine hours and fuel level before and after the booking.. As a captain, you can access the check-in or check-out on your bookings page or booking details page. 

Check-in is available 1 hour before the booking starts until halfway through the duration of the booking. Check-in expires after this point. Check-out is available halfway through the duration of the booking until 1 hour after the booking ends. Check-out expires after this point. 

It is mandatory that the check-in and check-out process is completed. In the case of damages, please email the applicable photos to or have the owner email in the photos.

The check-in and check-out process is required for both legal and insurance reasons. Boatsetter boat rentals are covered by GEICO BoatUS world-class insurance, but this coverage requires a fully and accurately completed inspection form. Coast Guard regulations also require that a check-out orientation takes place. If there are damages or losses incurred during the booking, please report the claim to GEICO BoatUS by calling 1-877-970-BOAT (2628) and ask the Boatsetter support crew to put a hold on the renter's security deposit.

The check-in and check-out process

Be sure you complete this process with the renter before the boat departs and after the conclusion of their charter. To correctly complete the check-in and check-out:

  • Do a pre-rental walk-around and take photos. 
    • Review and note the fuel level, condition of equipment and the boat to confirm that everything is operational. 
    • Be sure to note any pre-existing damage. 
    • Digitally sign the pre-rental inspection form with the renter.
  • Do a post-rental walk around and take photos. 
    • Repeat the process from the start of the booking, noting any new damages or charges (if applicable).
    • Digitally sign the post-rental inspection form with the renter.

In the event that you need to report a damage claim, Boatsetter will use the completed check-in and check-out forms as a reference. 

How to complete check-in and check-out

To start the digital check-in or check-out, navigate to your bookings tab on the website. 

  • Select “Check-in” (or “Check-out”) underneath the appropriate booking
  • Review each section under ‘Equipment inspection’ and confirm they are in good condition, adding notes of their condition where necessary
  • Add the engine hours and fuel level
  • Review the details entered
  • Hand the renter the phone to type and sign their name
  • Type and sign your name
  • Hit “Submit”

You will get a confirmation message that the check-in or check-out has been submitted, once both parties have digitally signed and the process completed.