Check-in and check-out

On the day of your booking, you will complete the check-in and check-out with the renter. During this process, you will inspect the boat and its equipment and mark your engine hours and fuel level. This process occurs prior to the rental as well as after it concludes. As a captain, you can access the check-in and check-out forms from your booking details page through the website.

Check-in is available one hour before the booking starts until halfway through the duration of the booking. Check-in expires after this point.

Check-out is available five minutes after the check-in form has been submitted until one hour after the booking ends. Check-out expires after this point. Please be sure to update your booking details if the rental starts late or is extended. To extend an active rental, please email our support team at

You will be sent a reminder to complete the check-in and check-out forms on the day of the booking.

It is very important that you or the boat owner complete the check-in and check-out process and take accompanying photos/videos. Failure to complete the check-in and check-out process may result in the denial of your damage claim.

Boatsetter rentals are covered by world-class insurance through Geico Marine and BoatUS. If there are damages or losses incurred during the booking, report your claim immediately to Boatsetter by emailing Please include a description of the incident and any relevant photos/videos. Boatsetter will use the completed check-in and check-out forms as a reference.

If the boat owner provides their own commercial insurance and is not insured through our Geico BoatUS insurance, the check-in and check-out process is highly encouraged.

The check-in and check-out process

Be sure you or the boat owner complete this process with the renter before the boat departs and after the conclusion of their charter. To correctly complete the check-in and check-out:

  • Do a pre-rental walk-around and take photos/videos
    • Review and note on the form the fuel level, condition of equipment, and condition of the boat to make sure everything is operational
    • Be sure to note any pre-existing damage
    • Sign the pre-rental inspection form with the renter
  • Do a post-rental walk-around and take photos/videos
    • Repeat the process from the start of the booking, noting any new damages if applicable and any additional charges
    • Sign the post-rental inspection form with the renter

How to complete check-in and check-out

To start the digital check-in or check-out, navigate to your Bookings tab on the website. 

  • Select “Check-in” (or “Check-out”) underneath the appropriate booking
  • Review each section under ‘Equipment inspection’ and confirm they are in good condition, adding notes of their condition where necessary
  • Add the engine hours and fuel level
  • Review the details entered
  • Hand the renter the phone to type and sign their name
  • Type and sign your name
  • Hit “Submit”

You will get a confirmation message that the check-in or check-out has been submitted once both parties have digitally signed and the process completed.

In the event that you are unable to complete the check-in or check-out process online, please email us at and we can send you a PDF of the required forms.