Managing boats

Boat managers manage all of an owner’s approved boat listings, as well as their corresponding messages and bookings. You can only manage one owner’s account at a time.

You have access to inquiries and booking requests related to bookings that start after you accepted the manager invitation. You can approve or decline booking requests, message renters, and edit or cancel approved bookings. You will also be able to update the boat’s availability, pricing, and details. 

For more information about managing boats, review the articles below:

As a boat manager, you can use the Boatsetter Owner app to easily manage your bookings and messages on the go. The app is available on iOS and Android.

Manager settings

You can view or update your manager status on the “Boat manager settings” page via the Owner Dashboard. If you remove yourself as a manager, you will no longer have access to the owner’s approved boat listings, bookings, or messages. You will need to be invited again by the same owner or by another owner to reactivate your boat manager status.

Owning and managing boats

You have the ability to manage another owner’s boats in addition to listing and managing your own boats. Any boats you manage that are not your own will have a “Managing” icon on the boat card on the “My boats” page. The corresponding bookings and messages will also have this icon.

The account settings, owner stats, payout preferences, payout history, and tax form pages will only reflect your information as an owner, not the information for the owner whose boats you manage.

You may invite a manager to manage your own boats. If you would like to invite a manager, you can do so by clicking on the “My boat manager” box from your Owner dashboard.