Adding a manager

Owners have the option to assign a boat manager to help manage their bookings, messages, and boats. You may only have one manager assigned to your account at a time. Any boats that are being managed will have a “managed” icon on the boat card, as well as on relevant bookings and message threads.

You can find the boat manager page by navigating to your Owner dashboard > My boat manager. There, you can send an email invite to who you want to have as your boat manager. Once the invite is sent, you can monitor the status of the invitation on this page.

If the boat manager is taking too long to respond or you are no longer interested in having them as your manager, you may cancel your invite. When an invitation is canceled, the invite will no longer be valid and a new invite must be sent. If your invitation was declined, you can invite a different manager.

What your boat manager can do

Once you add a boat manager and they accept your invitation, their status will update to active and their email will be visible on the “My boat manager” page. The manager will have access to your approved boats and their corresponding bookings and messages. This means that your manager can edit details about your boat, add photos, update the calendar, respond to inquiries and requests, and edit or cancel bookings.

Boat managers cannot see the owner’s account settings, payout preferences, payout history, or tax form pages. Boat managers and owners both receive notifications for bookings and inquiries. As an owner, you may turn off notifications if you no longer wish to receive them without affecting the notifications that your boat manager receives. 

Updating your manager 

You can add or remove your boat manager whenever you want. If there is a boat manager active on your account and you would like to remove them, you can do so by selecting “Remove as manager” under their name on the “My boat manager” page.

Managers may also remove themselves from your boats at their discretion. If a boat manager removes themselves from your account, their status will return to inactive and you will have the ability to send an invite to another manager or leave the feature inactive.