Editing a booking

To edit an approved booking, navigate to your Bookings > Find the appropriate booking > Click “Edit booking”. You can also find the “Edit booking” option under the “Booking details” page. 



You may edit the following:

  • Date (excludes multi-day trips; please reach out to Boatsetter Support at contact@boatsetter.com to edit multi-day bookings)
  • Start time


Once your edits have been saved, the renter will receive the request for the changes.

These requests will be displayed in your message thread with the renter and should display as “Edits Pending”. The renter of your boat will have 72 hours to approve or decline the changes.

To edit the boat price or duration of an approved booking, please contact us at contact@boatsetter.com.

Owners are able to review/approve booking edit requests in the appropriate message thread with each renter.

Pending edits can also be canceled by clicking “Cancel edits” under the “Booking details” page. In doing so, all parties will be notified of the canceled request and the booking details will revert back to the original date and time scheduled.


Due to insurance protocols, booking edits within 24 hours of the booking start time must be handled by Boatsetter Support. Please contact us at contact@boatsetter.com.