Reporting boat damage or lost items

Boatsetter always recommends taking time-stamped “before” photos/videos during the check-in process for your booking, as well as time-stamped “after” photos/videos during the check-out process. Make sure these photos and videos clearly show the boat’s condition, as well as existing/new damage.

If damage occurs to your boat during your rental, please submit a claim within 48 hours to our claims department via email ( If a claim is submitted after 48 hours, we cannot guarantee the recapture of the renter’s security deposit. During the entire claims process, all communication must be done through email as this allows evidence to be correctly recorded.

Once damage is reported, Boatsetter is required to hold the security deposit and/or insurance deductible (up to $7,5000 on peer-to-peer bookings) until the claim is resolved. No refunds will be issued until the claim is settled between you, the renter, and GEICO BoatUS (if applicable).

Following the report of damage or lost item(s), our claims team will reply with the next steps within 24 hours, or on the next business day if the damage is reported over the weekend. Based on the extent of the damage, you will either be instructed to reach out to Geico or an invoice/receipt for the repairs will be requested from you.

After an invoice/receipt has been submitted or a settlement letter has been sent in by Geico, our claims team will review all details and follow up with you within two business days. Our claims team will also reach out to the renter to share the invoices/settlement letter. Should a renter dispute the repairs on the invoice or settlement, there is the possibility to dispute repair costs through our third-party arbitration service, FairClaims. 

Once the information has been verified by our claims team, we will move forward accordingly. 

To contact our claims department, please email us at