Reporting boat damage or lost items

Boatsetter always recommends taking “before” pictures during the check-in process for your booking. It is also good practice to take pictures after the boat is returned, during the checkout process.

If there is damage to the boat during your booking, caused by you or anyone in your group, the damage must be reported to Boatsetter immediately. 

Once damage reported, Boatsetter is required to hold your security deposit until the claim is resolved. No refunds will be issued until the claim is settled between you, the owner, and GEICO BoatUS (if applicable).

If damage costs are lower than the deductible or security deposit, you will be refunded the difference between estimated repair costs and the amount withheld. Renters are liable through the website up to their security deposit or the insurance deductible.

Your security deposit will also be held if there are any items lost during your booking. Any leftover funds from the replacement costs will be refunded to you.