Setting the booking price

Try to get a sense of booking prices, search for similar boats in your area. As a new owner, you may want to charge lower rates to attract renters comparing your boat to ones with reviews. 

Prices may vary based on:

  • Boat type, age, and make
  • Amenities available
  • Boat location
  • Duration

How to set and edit your booking prices

How to edit your booking prices: 

  • When listing your boat under the “Booking options and pricing” section
  • Go to Owner dashboard > My boats > Manage boat > "Options and pricing" > "Edit booking options and pricing"

Some owners increase prices for specific days, such as holidays or busy boating days. You can edit daily pricing by accessing the calendar.  

If you have questions about setting your booking prices for captained charters, you can visit our article titled “Adding a Captain” for more information.

Still unsure how to set your booking prices? Email us at for help.