Inquiry Limit for Owners

To help owners manage requests, we have developed a new feature that will automatically block an owner's calendar for a particular date if they receive more than 4 requests for the same date.

Owners will now max out at 4 inquiries per calendar date per vessel. This means a boat will appear as unavailable if an owner does not decline one or all of the pending inquiries. For example: If you’ve received 4 inquiries for August 24, the boat will appear as unavailable on the Owners calendar (right) and the renters view (left) 



This feature allows renters access to more available inventory and provides accurate search results for their desired date. This feature will also cease ‘Renter Shopping’; Owners who are collecting inquiries, waiting around for desperate renters to accept a higher price than advertised.

Remember to plan ahead for Holiday Weekends and update your calendar with special rates or mark your dates as unavailable 


How do I make this day available?

If you approve one of the 4 inquiries, the day will remain blocked; but this time with an approved booking. To open up this date, you will need to decline one of the 4 inquiries for the blocked out date. This will make the date available until you’ve reached the max number of inquiries again.