Improving a listing

Have at least 4 high-quality photos

  • Take photos in landscape mode to capture as much of your boat as possible. Portrait photos don’t transfer well to your listing.
  • Boats look best in natural light. Avoid using flash. Take your pictures sometime after dawn or before dusk, or at high noon.
  • For interior shots, make sure the boat is clean and avoid extreme close-ups and extreme distance shots.
  • Use a high-quality camera; if your smartphone doesn’t have a great camera, use a digital camera instead.
  • Include people in your photos; renters like to see what they get to do when renting your boat.

Have a detailed description 

Be sure to specify all the features your boat offers and utilize the description to give renters a sense of what to expect while aboard. 

  • Where can your boat go on the water?
  • What can renters bring on the boat?
  • What makes your boat special? 
  • Additional fees or extras (jet ski, wakeboarding, etc)

We advise against using emojis in your boat description and boat title as we have found that this discourages renters from booking your boat.

Have varied and competitive pricing

Having varied and competitive prices will give your renters options that allow you to take advantage of the always-changing market. Offer multiple durations and utilize the calendar to edit daily pricing and utilize the Smart Boat Pricing tool to stay ahead of the competition. 

Promote your boat

You can attract renters to your listing by letting your friends, colleagues, and neighbors know they can easily and safely rent your boat. Once your listing is live, you should promote it on any of your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, LinkedIn, etc.). The more people who know your boat is available, the more potential renters you will get!