How to Improve Your Listing

At least 5 High-Quality Pictures
Showcase your boat's best and most unique features to attract your
renters with a great time. Be sure to place an image of the entire boat
on the top left corner of the pictures page- first impressions matter!
Creative Description & Highlighted Amenities
The best way for renters to understand how and why your boat stands
out among the rest is having a creative description and highlighted
amenities. Mention any special offers or rules you have, and help them
envision their day on the water!
Varied & Competitive Pricing
Having varied and competitive prices will give your renters options that
allow you to take advantage of the always-changing market. Set your
price for full days, half days, and utilize the calendar to set weekday
pricing—even earn a little extra on holidays or weekends!
And that’s it! Making your boat stand out is the #1 way to ensure success on
Need advice or help to determine how to improve your boat’s listing? Contact Boatsetter's Support Team! We're here for you at 305-600-5435.