When do I get the Owner's or Renter's contact information?

Up until a booking is approved, contact information (phone, emails, and websites) are blocked. Boatsetter links [like to our support pages, cancellation policy, and terms] are allowed. We block this content for a few reasons:

Your safety. Scammers, phishers, and other unsavory characters sometimes target these pieces of information and in order to protect you and your information we block contact information. 

Keep bookings on Boatsetter. Taking a booking offsite is against our terms of service and grounds for account suspension. It's also unsafe, as doing a booking may outside of Boatsetter may mean that the boat isn't insured, leaving everyone at risk.

Once a booking is approved and payment is complete, you'll see the blocked information again, and will be able to send any contact information through the message thread without being blocked. You can also find this contact information in the summary email sent when the trip is approved, or in your On-Board Document

Make sure to confirm pick-up time, location and safety procedures (life jackets, operating instructions etc.) either via phone or the message thread prior to the rental.