Syncing calendars

You can sync your Google, iCloud and Outlook calendars to help you keep track of upcoming bookings.

How to sync your calendar:

  • Go to: Owner dashboard > My boats > Manage boat > Calendar > Click "Sync calendar" at the bottom of the page to open a modal with the link for your specific calendar > Click "copy link"

Google Calendar

  • Log into Google Calendar 
  • On the left menu, click the “+” to the right of to “Other calendars”
  • Select "From URL"
  • Paste the URL copied from Boatsetter
  • Click “Add calendar”  

iCloud Calendar

  • Open iCal
  • File > New Calendar Subscription
  • Paste the URL copied from Boatsetter
  • Click Subscribe 

Outlook Calendar

  • Open Outlook
  • Home > Open Calendar > Select "From internet"
  • Paste the URL copied from Boatsetter 
  • Click "Yes" to add the calendar and subscribe to updates

Since there are several versions of Outlook, you may have to look up which version you have in case our instructions do not work.