Calendar Synchronization

You're able to synchronize your upcoming bookings to your personal calendar, helping you keep track of upcoming bookings!  We currently support Google, iCloud and Outlook calendars.  See below for how to set up your calendar.


First Step - All Calendars

To synchronize your bookings with a personal calendar, you'll first need to get your specialized calendar link. We provide this to you.  All you need to do is go to your boat [if you have more than one boat, each boat will have it's own calendar], click on "manage".  Your calendar is the first page displayed.  Simply click the "Sync Calendar" button to open a modal with the link for your specific calendar.  Just click "copy link" and you're ready for the next step!


Google Calendar

1.  To add your boat's calendar to a Google calendar, simply do the following:

2.  Log into your Google Calendar Click the down arrow [on the left, by "other calendars"]

3.  Select "Add by URL"

4.  Paste the URL you got from Boatsetter

5.  Click Add!



iCloud Calendar

1. Open iCal

2. Click "File", then "New Calendar Subscription"

3. Paste the URL you got from Boatsetter

4. Click Subscribe!


Outlook Calendar

1. Open Outlook

2. Click on the Home Tab, then click "Open Calendar" from dropdown.  Select "From Internet"

3. Paste the URL Boatsetter gave you

4. Click "Yes" that you want to add the calendar and subscribe to updates


Since there are many different versions of Outlook, you may have to Google your version for instructions if these don't work for you.