How do I get reimbursed for fuel?

It is important to agree upon a fuel policy with the renter before the beginning of the rental. There are two options for being reimbursed for fuel.

  • Paying in person with cash or a check
  • Using the fuel reimbursement tool on our site

Fuel Reimbursement Tool

Boatsetter has implemented a new tool that should make life easier for everyone. If you are an owner who has their fuel settings as “Renter Reimburses”, you can eliminate the emails requesting a fuel reimbursement to our support team and can now manually input them yourselves.

You can find this tool in your history once the booking has concluded (48 hours after the booking start time). There is a button correlated with the renter you are charging, titled “Fuel Reimbursement” prompting you to upload either a receipt or your signed pre and post rental inspection form providing the fuel amount. You will also be prompted to write a quick message that will go directly to the renter where you can explain the fuel charge if needed.

Once the fuel reimbursement request has been submitted, our support team will evaluate all requests and either approve or decline them. When the fuel reimbursement is approved, you will see that payout in 1-3 days. If for some reason there is a problem with the payout, you will receive an email explaining what is going on and what we may need from you to issue you the payment.

Please note that Stripe will deduct a 2.7% + $0.55 processing fee on all fuel payouts. Boatsetter also reserves the right to charge a one-time administrative fee of $30.00 for any resolution fee.