Fuel reimbursement

If you set your fuel fee setting to “Renter pays”, you can use our fuel reimbursement tool to request fuel funds directly from the renter. You can request reimbursement after the booking has concluded by selecting “Fuel reimbursement” on the respective booking in your bookings page.

Once selected, it will prompt you to upload either a receipt or the completed check-out document, providing the fuel amount. You will also be prompted to write a quick message that will go directly to the renter where you can explain the fuel charge if needed.

Once the fuel reimbursement request has been submitted, a support crew member will review it. If the fuel reimbursement is approved, you will be paid out in 1-3 days. If the request is denied, you will receive an email from Boatsetter explaining any additional information needed to approve the fuel reimbursement request.

All payouts will deduct Stripe’s processing fee from the total amount. This current processing fee is 3.0% + $0.15 per charge.

To ensure successful upload of your receipt image, please use files 245MB or less in size. The website only accepts the following file formats for fuel reimbursements: JPEG, JPG, PDF, PNG, HEIC, BMP, and PJPEG.