What is the pre and post-rental inspection procedure?

It is required that the condition of the boat is recorded before and after the rental on the signed  Boatsetter Check-In/Check-Out document. Keep in mind, it is the responsibility of both the renter and the owner to assess the boat for any new damage caused during the rental period and to sign off on the state of the boat.

 This document consists of five sections:

  • Safety Walkthrough - Safety equipment we recommend reviewing with the renter.
  • Fuel - Prior to the booking, the owner and renter will agree on a fuel policy (if applicable). Please discuss to make sure that your fuel policy is agreed upon by both parties, and that the pre-rental fuel amount/engine hours is noted.
  • Condition (Beginning Of Booking) - Document existing damage (include photos) and the fuel/engine hours at check-in.
  • Condition (End Of Booking) - Document damages, missing items (include photos) and the fuel/engine hours post-rental.
  • Owner/Renter Signatures - Both renter and owner/designated agent must sign the document during the pre & post-rental inspection. 

Make sure to print out a copy of the Boatsetter Pre & Post-Rental Inspection document to be completed and signed by both boat owner and renter the day of the rental. If there are damages or losses incurred during the rental, please report your claim to Geico Marine by calling 1-877-970-BOAT, and ask Boatsetter Support to put a hold on the renter's security deposit.