Information required for boat approval

You will need to provide Boatsetter with the following information in order to get your boat listed and approved:

  • Boat information (make/model/year/length)
  • Boat address (where renters will meet you/your boat)
  • Minimum of four high-quality photos of your boat
  • Personal or recreational insurance coverage

Boats under 15 years old and less than 30 feet in length may qualify for expedited approval.

GEICO BoatUS Requirements

All boats must meet the following requirements in order to be approved by GEICO BoatUS:

  • Vessels cannot be modified in any way that is not endorsed or approved by the manufacturer
  • Vessels must have current insurance, registration, and any federally required licensing or other documentation
  • Vessels over 40 feet in length are required to have a USCG captain at the helm
  • Older and larger vessels can be asked to provide a survey from the past 24 months to prove seaworthiness

If you are being insured by the Peer-to-Peer insurance policy, GEICO BoatUS may require additional documentation or a marine survey if your boat falls into any of the following categories:

  • Boats exceeding $500,000 in value
  • Boats exceeding 25 years old and 30 feet in length
  • Boats with a top speed greater than 50 MPH or multiple outboard engines

Peer-to-Peer Exclusions

There are some exclusions when it comes to the Peer-to-Peer policy. If your Boatsetter listing is denied, it may be for one of the following reasons:

  • Boats exceeding $500,000 in value
  • Boats exceeding 40 years old
  • Jet Skis/Sea-Doos or Personal Water Crafts (PWC)
  • Boats with hull material of carbon fiber, steel, wood, or ferro cement
  • Boats with a carbon fiber/kevlar mast
  • Home-built or custom boats
  • Previous claims/damages/repairs can potentially exclude a listing from being approved

Commercial Boat Requirements

Boat owners using their own commercial policy are certifying that the boat/company meets all USCG standards and regulations, as well as state minimum insurance requirements. Owners using their own commercial policy will need to submit a copy of their insurance declaration page to for verification prior to Boatsetter activation.