How does my boat get approved?

If your boat is less than 10 years old, and under 45ft in length, it is likely that your boat can be approved with a quick Boatsetter review and no additional paperwork! You will need the following information: 
  • Boat Make and Model
  • Boat year and length
  • Recreational insurance policy (if using Geico P2P insurance)
  • Pictures of the boat
  • Hull ID number
However, if your boat falls into any of the following categories, Geico Marine and BoatUS may require additional documentation before your vessel is approved:
  • Boats exceeding $250,000 in value
  • Boats exceeding 45 ft.
  • Boats with a top speed greater than 50 mph or multiple outboard engines
  • Boats with carbon fiber, wood, or ferro cement as the hull material
  • Boats with a carbon fiber/kevlar mast