What are the boat listing requirements?

All boats must meet the following requirements in order to be approved by Geico Marine insurance:

  • Vessels cannot exceed 50 mph or have more than two outboard
  • Vessels cannot be modified in any way that is not endorsed or approved by the manufacturer
  • Vessels must have current insurance, registration, and any federally required licensing or other documentation

The following boats will require additional documentation in order to be approved by Geico Marine insurance:

  • Multihull sailboats
  • Houseboats
  • Vessels exceeding $250,000 in value
  • Vessels exceeding 25 years of age
  • Vessels exceeding 40 feet in length overall
  • Vessel not currently insured

If your boat falls into one of these categories, Geico Marine may require additional documentation. A Geico Marine representative will work with you to obtain the necessary documentation.

Boatsetter and Geico Marine have the ultimate discretion on which boats qualify to be listed, and may periodically monitor any records to ensure that a listed vessel continues to qualify for eligibility under our Vessel Eligibility Requirements.