Editing a booking

To request edits to an existing booking, navigate to your Bookings > Find the appropriate booking > Click “Edit Booking”. You can also find the “Edit Booking” option under the Booking Details page.



You may edit the following:

  • Date (excludes multi-day trips; please reach out to Boatsetter Support at contact@boatsetter.com to edit multi-day bookings)
  • Start time


Once your edits are requested, they will be sent to the owner for approval. These requests will be displayed in your message thread with the owner. If the owner declines the requested changes, your booking will revert back to the original details. You will receive a notification of the declined/approved request. 

If you edit a booking before it has been approved by the owner, it will replace your existing booking details. Edits are not allowed within 24 hours of the booking start time, but if you need to make changes please contact Boatsetter Support at contact@boatsetter.com.