Where can I find my On-Board Document?

Once you have submitted your payment and the rental has been approved by the owner, you will receive your On-Board Document. The On-Board Document includes details for the day-of, including, but not limited to: rental date, package type, the boat's location, pickup instructions and fuel policy. 

You can find your On-Board Document by selecting "View Itinerary" on your Renter's Dashboard or directly in the message thread with the owner under the Messages tab.

Please print a copy of this to have on-hand during the rental period. The On-Board Document will reflect crucial details about your rental (pictured below).



The On-Board Document will also contain the Boatsetter Pre/Post Rental Inspection form PDF to be printed and filled out before and after your rental concludes. You can find your Emergency Contact Information toward the bottom of the On-Board document, in case you ever run into any issues.