What happens if the boat malfunctions?

If a boat malfunctions prior to the rental period, please contact Boatsetter Support to arrange the appropriate cancellation. In the event that a boat malfunctions during the rental period due to renter damage or use, please contact Geico Marine by calling 1-877-970-BOAT(2628).

Owners whose boat malfunctions during the rental period will be monitored for the next three rentals to ensure the vessels safety. The following criteria will be followed if multiple malfunctions take place:

  • First Malfunction: No penalty, owner should check boat thoroughly.
  • Second Malfunction: Owner needs to have a mechanic review vessel for safety precautions. The boat will be inactive until Boatsetter Support receives an invoice stating the boat's status.
  • Third Malfunction: The boat will be removed from the site if the malfunction incident is within 3 months of the previously reported incident.