As a renter, what do I do on the day of the rental?

On the day of the rental, it is important to have copies of the following documents aboard the vessel:

  • On-Board Document - This will be emailed to you once you have approved the booking
  • Check-In/Check-Out - This checklist will be emailed to you with the booking confirmation. This document is crucial for recording the condition of your boat.

Once you meet the owner, it is important to complete the Pre/Post-Rental Inspection, which is a thorough safety walk-through of the vessel with them. Take this time to note where life jackets are located, where the fire extinguisher is, and any unique features of the vessel. You will then need to complete our Check-In/Out Document. This is the document where you note any pre-existing damage to the vessel as well as the fuel level prior to the start of the rental. It is crucial that both parties sign off on this document.

If you are having difficulty reaching the owner on the day of rental try reaching them through email and phone. You can refer to your On-Board Document for contact information, as well as the Check-In/Out instructions and detailed directions to the boat. If you are unable to get into contact with the owner, please contact Boatsetter Support to see how we can assist.

After the rental has concluded, you and the boat owner must do another walkthrough to note that the vessel was returned in the same condition (if not better) than when it went out.

IMPORTANT: The Check-In/Out form is required by our insurance provider to be signed by both parties in the event that a claim needs to be failed. Please email a copy of the document to Boatsetter Support when reporting a claim.