How do I cancel a booking as a renter?

As a renter, if you need to cancel an approved booking go to your Dashboard and then click on View Conversation. From there press the "Cancel" button located at the bottom right (pictured below).


Once cancelled, the appropriate refund will be issued depending on the cancellation policy for the boat. Keep in mind, the Boatsetter Cancellation Policy differs for both weather and regular cancellations.

You can also cancel pending bookings that have not been approved by the boat owner yet. Just click "Cancel" in the message thread. Once you have clicked "Cancel", your request will be rescinded and any held funds will be voided and released back to your payment method.

We complete a charge only if a booking request is approved. If you cancel an approved booking, you will be refunded based off of the cancellation policy for that boat. Please review the cancellation policy in regards to what will be refunded to your card.