Responding to booking requests

Once you receive a booking request, you may do the following actions:

  • Approve the booking
  • Decline the booking - Once the booking has been "Declined", the renter will receive an automated message letting them know your boat is not available.
  • View conversation - Instead of approving or declining the booking request, you can ask more questions about the renter's boating experience or their plans on the water.

After approving a booking request

Once a booking has been approved, you will receive an email and text notification confirming the booking. In addition, you will receive an itinerary containing the renter’s contact information and booking details. Make sure to confirm pickup time, location, and safety procedures (life jackets, operating instructions etc.) either via phone, email, or message thread prior to the rental. 

Expired booking request

Bookings will expire after 72 hours from when the payment or inquiry was made (or at booking start time, whichever comes first). Therefore, we recommend always responding right away to facilitate a smooth and quick booking process. If you are unable to facilitate a booking on the requested date, it is important to let renters know and decline their request. Numerous expirations will lower your response rate and may result in temporary or permanent account suspension.

Tip: Keep your boat calendar updated so renters cannot request days that are unavailable.

If you have any questions about a booking, email us at or call us at 1-305-600-5435.