What does “Pre-Approve” mean? Can I give a discount? What is a "Special Offer" for?

A pre-approval is a way to let potential renters know right away that your boat is available. We recommend pre-approving a renter only after you are comfortable with their boating experience and are confident they will go through with the rental. Once you pre-approve a renter, the date they requested will be blocked out on your calendar. 

To pre-approve a potential renter, just click pre-approve from the Dashboard or conversation. (pictured below).


You will then be prompted to select pickup time, instructions and view the amount that you would earn. Once done, simply agree to the Boatsetter Terms of Service and click "Send Pre-Approval" (pictured below). Your listing’s calendar will now be marked as unavailable and the renter will be notified.  If your renter does not respond within 36 hours, the pre-approval will expire and your calendar will automatically open up.


Can I give a discount? What is a special offer?

A special offer allows the owner of a vessel to set a custom price or give a discount for a potential renter before the booking is approved. A boat owner can offer a special price by viewing the conversation, and clicking the "Special Offer" button located at the top of the message thread (pictured below).


The boat owner will then be prompted to enter the new price offered to the renter (before service fees). Once done, simply agree to Boatsetter Terms of Service click "Send Special Offer" (pictured below).

Special offers are the final agreed upon value of the charter between the owner and renter. For example, on a $1,000 full day charter the renter would pay $1,100. If there was a special offer inputed by the owner for $800 in lieu of the $1,000, then the renter is only responsible for $880.


The boat listing’s calendar will now be marked as unavailable and the renter will be notified of the special offer price. However, if you wish to remove the special offer, simply click "Cancel Offer", this will decline the booking. (pictured below). 

As a reminder, when sending a special offer the requested date on the calendar will be blocked off; this is equivalent to approving. If you need to further adjust the date, time or price for a trip, reach out to us at contact@boatsetter.com