Responding to an inquiry

Some renters may inquire with questions about your boat prior to requesting to book. An inquiry is a conversation for a tentative booking. Once you receive an inquiry, aside from responding to the renter with any additional questions or information, you may also take the following actions:


Pre-approving an inquiry will automatically approve the booking request once the renter completes payment. Once you pre-approve a renter, they will be notified. Pre-approvals expire when the inquiry date has passed but owners can cancel a pre-approval directly in the message thread with the renter. We recommend pre-approving a renter only when you are comfortable with their boating experience and confident they will go through with the booking. 

Pre-approvals do not block the calendar date and won’t prevent other renters from booking that date.

Edit inquiry

When you click “Edit Inquiry,” it will show the existing booking details and an option to edit the start date, start time, and price. When you enter a new price, the system will automatically adjust your owner payout accordingly and provide a new price breakdown.

After you click “Save Edits," a message will be sent to the renter informing them that there have been changes made to the booking details. If you want to make edits to a booking after it has been pre-approved, you can simply click “Edit Inquiry”, make your edits, and then click “Save Edits”. Please note that making edits to a pre-approved booking will automatically cancel the pre-approval, so you will need to pre-approve the booking again.