Price breakdown and fees

The items below contribute to the total cost of a booking. Fees may vary based on the boat selected, trip duration, and insurance policy. All items charged directly through Boatsetter are shown at checkout before you submit your payment. 

Some items, such as docking fees and gratuity, may be charged/collected by the owner/captain in person. This is typically included in the boat’s listing description but we always encourage renters to confirm additional fees with owners before booking.

Boat price

This is the package price the owner sets for a booking.

Captain fee

All bookings with a captain include a captain fee at checkout unless specified otherwise (in which case the captain may request to be paid at the dock). This fee is reflected in the price of the booking when a captain is selected.

Renter service fee

A service fee is charged on each rental. The service fee is applied to the price before any coupons or credits are applied. This fee helps Boatsetter provide a safer and more secure booking experience, as well as dedicated customer support throughout your charter. 

Renter insurance fee

This fee helps cover the cost of insurance and is determined by the boat details and trip duration.


Some US states require Boatsetter to collect a sales tax for rentals that take place in those states. 

Security deposit

A security deposit is held on the renter’s card to cover incidental damage, charges, and/or lost items. The hold is placed on the card 48 hours before the rental and is released 48 hours following the conclusion of the rental, if no damage claim has been filed. It may take 10+ business days for your statement to reflect the release of the deposit. 


The owner’s fuel policy will appear on the boat listing and during the check-out process. If not included in the cost of the rental, owners may charge you separately for the fuel that is used during your booking.

If an owner requires you to pay for fuel, they may charge you after the booking concludes via the fuel reimbursement form. They may also request a flat fee or the reimbursement payment in person, instead of requesting a fuel reimbursement through the website. Fuel reimbursement paid outside of the platform will be solely managed between both the renter and the owner. If a fuel reimbursement is requested, you will be notified via email of the amount and a picture of the receipt. We will automatically charge the card on file.