How do reviews work?

Reviews are your opportunity to build a good reputation in the Boatsetter community and allow you to tell the community about your experience. Since you can only write a review after a booking is completed, you can trust that any review you see is the result of an actual person booking with another member of the community (pictured below).


A review notification is sent 24 hours after a booking has been completed, to both the owner and renter, via email. A link to complete the review will also be sent to your Dashboard.

Can I respond to a bad review?

No owners or renters are able to respond to a bad review. If there is something in a review that is offensive, please reach out to Boatsetter Support so we may review the comment.

Can Boatsetter take down a review?

Yes. Any reviews that violate our community guidelines or contain profanity, among other vulgar language, can be taken down by Boatsetter.