Adding a captain

Owners have the option to either captain their boat themselves, as long as they have a USCG license or leverage Boatsetter’s expansive captain network. 

Adding a captain to your booking options

How to make your boat eligible to be chartered by a US Coast Guard licensed captain from the Boatsetter Captain Network:

  • Go to: Owner dashboard > My boats > Edit Listing > Durations & Pricing > Edit > Select the option “A USCG-certified captain operates my boat”

GEICO P2P Owners' View



CHAP (Commercial Insurance Policy) Owners' View



  • Captain prices are set per duration, as shown below:

GEICO P2P Owners' View



For all owners who are under their own commercial insurance policy and offer specifically captained trips, you have the ability to enter your captain(s) price per duration, if you offer your own list of captains (not using the Boatsetter Captain Network).

CHAP (Commercial Insurance Policy) Owners' View



Captain price

  • If you are an owner's under our GEICO insurance, captain prices are determined based on the length of your vessel and the duration of the requested charter, and will be paid via Boatsetter


*Below is ONLY for owner's with their own commercial insurance policy

Captain Payment: Select how your captain will be paid, either directly at the dock, or via Boatsetter.

  • Remember, in compliance with USCG regulations, the captain’s rate cannot be included within the boat price.
  • For payment via Boatsetter, captain payments collected through Boatsetter are subject to a listing fee.
  • If you select the captain collection method as ‘At dock’, no captain price will be charged through Boatsetter on the booking. Captain compensation will be left for you, the renter, and the captain to coordinate. The captain price should not be included in your boat’s description.


When using the Boatsetter Captain Network, a captain price will be charged in addition to your listed boat price. 

  • If you are an owner under your own commercial insurance policy, you can also choose to provide your own captain list instead of using the Boatsetter Captain Network. In this case, you will select the option “No, I will provide the list of captains” when prompted to answer “Will you use the Boatsetter Captain Network?” on your captained package. 


Who can captain my boat?

Anyone with a US Coast Guard captain’s license can operate your boat. Please keep in mind that captains are limited by the restrictions of their licenses.

  • If you know a US Coast Guard licensed captain and would like to assign this person to your vessel, have them create a Boatsetter captain's profile by going to and following the on-screen prompts. Onboarding is free and takes only 5-10 minutes. 
  • If you need to be matched with a captain, Boatsetter will provide a list of qualified captains in your area. If you have commercial insurance, you must select “Yes” to the question “Will you use the Boatsetter Captain Network?” when setting up your captain package to be matched with the Boatsetter Captain Network. 

You can captain your own vessel if you have a US Coast Guard captain's license and meet all qualifications. As the captain and owner of the vessel, you are limited to 6 passengers maximum. For more information about captaining your own vessel refer to this US Coast Guard literature or email us at

Finding a captain

After listing your boat, you can choose a favorite captain from the Boatsetter Captain Network. This associates them with your boat as a suggestion for renters, who determine who operates the boat. To find potential captains for your boat go to: Owner dashboard > My boats > Manage captains. From here you can:

  • Register a captain with USCG credentials
  • Invite a captain by sending them a URL
  • Search for specific captains to add to your boat
  • Select which captains are or are not qualified to operate your boat
  • Select a “favorite” captain to appear on your boat listing from your qualified captains listimage10.png

If you’d like to contact a few captains directly to speak with them prior to a booking, you may reach out to them directly by doing the following:

  • Go to My account > My Boats > Edit Listing > Manage Captains > Qualified Captains

Accessing the manage captain dashboard will list the captains that have matched with your boat along with their contact information to request their assistance with a charter.


USCG regulations around charters

Please make sure to abide by USCG charter regulations.

These general guidelines are not intended to be comprehensive or operate as legal advice. To determine whether your captain's license is sufficient to operate in particular circumstances, see 46 CFR Part 11, Subpart D, NVIC N7-94, the Passenger Vessel Safety Act of 1993, the resources found at, or consult a maritime attorney.

Boatsetter Network Captain price schedule

Boat Length: 0 - 29 feet

* 2 hours: $110

* 3 hours: $160

* 4 hours: $200

* 6 hours: $275

* 8 hours: $350


Boat Length: 30 - 49 feet

* 2 hours: $130

* 3 hours: $190

* 4 hours: $240

* 6 hours: $340

* 8 hours: $425


Boat Length: 50 feet+

* 2 hours: $200

* 3 hours: $285

* 4 hours: $350

* 6 hours: $495

* 8 hours: $650