Updating the calendar

Having an updated calendar is critical to owner success on Boatsetter! Renters rely on your calendar to know your boat's availability and rates, and allows owners to use the instant book feature 

Keeping your calendar up to date

How to update your calendar to reflect your boat’s availability: 

  • Go to: Owner dashboard > My boats > Edit Listing > Calendar

Here you can adjust the specific day or dates on the calendar you wish to change by double-clicking on the day(s). You will be prompted to change the "status" of the date to "Available" or "Unavailable".   If you are selecting a specific date, you can mark a specific time range(s) as unavailable.

To mark a full day as unavailable:

  1. Calendar
  2. Select a specific day
  3. Toggle status to "Unavailable"
  4. Repeat for each boat listing

To make a range of days unavailable:

  1. Calendar
  2. Select a start date
  3. Select an end date
  4. Toggle status to “Unavailable”
  5. Repeat for each boat listing

To mark a few hours unavailable:

  1. Calendar
  2. Select a specific day
  3. Select “Mark specific time range(s) as unavailable”
  4. Select your range
  5. Mark more time ranges as unavailable by selecting “Add new range”
  6. Repeat for each boat listing

Date price adjustments

Additionally, you can adjust the price of a specific day or date range by using the slider to offer a percent increase or decrease, which applies to all your duration offerings.

To remove date price adjustments, you can reset this to 0%.

 If you need help editing your booking price, you can review this article here.

Calendar features

Your calendar will update based on how you configure availability and daily start times. For example, if you do not select any start times for Mondays, all Mondays will be marked as unavailable on your calendar. You can still mark individual Mondays as available directly on the calendar if needed.

Any days that are marked as unavailable will show on the calendar with gray stripes. Specific time ranges marked as unavailable will show as partially blocked with gray stripes. 

Approved bookings reflect on the calendar as a blue bar, and booking requests ready for approval will show as a yellow bar. 

The “x” sign will appear if you have more than one approved booking or booking request for a given date. For example, if you have 3 total booking requests for a given day you will see a yellow bar with “x 3” displayed on that day. 

If there are any percent increases or decreases on the calendar, they will show with the percent change in green (increase) or in red (decrease). You may also refer to the legend on the calendar for these details.

If you would like to update the duration of your booking, that option must be selected under the “options and pricing” section. For example, if you wish to change a booking from 3 to 4 hours, a 4 hour time and price would need to be added to your boat. 

When accepting a last-minute booking request, it is important to make sure that your “advance notice” setting will not interfere. For example, if your advance notice is set to 3 days, you would be unable to approve a last-minute booking for 1 day from now. You can check this by navigating to: Owner dashboard > My boats >  Edit Listing > Availability > Edit Advance Notice.