Updating the calendar

Boatsetter aims to provide the best experience for everyone, so it is important to make sure your calendar is up-to-date. Renters rely on your calendar to know your boat's availability and rates. 

Keeping your calendar up to date

How to change the availability of your boat: 

  • Go to: Owner dashboard > My boats > Manage boat > Calendar

Here you can adjust the specific day or dates on the calendar you wish to change. You will be prompted to change the "status" of the date to "Available" or "Unavailable".  

Additionally, you can edit the price of that specific day or date range.

Calendar adjustments

If there are four booking requests for a given day, the date will be automatically marked as unavailable on your calendar, preventing any new inquiries for that date. In order to clear the date for new inquiries, you will need to decline at least one booking request.