Promo codes, boating credits and discounts

Occasionally, we may send you a promo code. The promo is no longer eligible once it expires. 

How to apply a promo code

Promo codes cannot be applied to concluded bookings and can only be used once. Only one promo code can be used per booking. You may apply an eligible promo code at checkout. 

Terms and conditions

  • All promo codes are applied after service and/or insurance fees have been calculated. 
  • Boatsetter doesn’t support promotions offered by third-party services. 
  • We accept only official Boatsetter promo codes with active promotional dates. 
  • We can’t apply promo codes, Boating Credits, or discounts to trips that have already been booked.  
  • You can’t redeem promo codes, Boating Credits, or discounts for cash or alternate compensation. 
  • You can’t gift or transfer Boating Credits or discount codes. 
  • You can only use Boating Credits toward the cost of a booking on Boatsetter.
  • Boating Credits are always issued in USD.
  • Boatsetter reserves the right to change or limit a promotion in its sole discretion. 
  • Usual terms and policies apply and all reservations are subject to availability. 
  • Users with a suspended or closed account aren’t eligible to redeem a discount or promo code. 
  • If Boatsetter suspects fraud, tampering, violations of the Boatsetter Terms of Service, or technical errors, we reserve the right to any remedy. These include denial of the discount or cancellation of your account or booked trips. 
  • Boating credits and promo codes cannot be combined.