Additional fees and fines

Renter no-show fee
If the renter is a no-show after one hour of the agreed start time, the owner has the ability to cancel the booking. Boatsetter will treat this as a renter cancellation. See full cancellation policy.

Owner no-show / Boat in bad condition fee
If the boat owner does not show up to meet the renter and make the boat available for the renter at the agreed upon rental start time or if the boat is in an unacceptable condition, Boatsetter will treat this as an owner cancellation and can charge the owner up to $100.00 per no-show.

Renter late fee
If a renter returns a boat after the agreed rental period ends or arrives late to the start of the rental, they can be charged a late fee. This late fee is calculated by combining a one-time administrative fee of $30.00 plus the prorated hourly rental rate (based on the daily rental rate for the boat rented) plus applicable insurance charges.

Refueling fee
In the case that the owner’s fuel policy is not followed, Boatsetter will charge the renter for fuel replaced as well as a $30.00 administrative fee.

Cleaning fee
If a boat is returned covered with dirt, sand, trash, food, fish blood, etc. and the renter does not wash the boat prior to returning it, the boat owner can charge the renter with an additional cleaning fee of up to $100. Please note, if the owner has a higher cleaning fee stated on their listing for boat that is returned messy, you will be charged according to their listing's cleaning fee. This fee cannot be added to the rental if the boat owner has already included a cleaning fee as a part of their rental terms. Boatsetter will NOT deduct the standard Service Fees from any dirty boat fee charge.

Lost item fee
In the case that a renter loses an item from the boat during their charter, the renter will be responsible for the exact costs of replacing that item. Common lost items include anchors, swim ladders and life jackets. Remember to be mindful of your personal possessions and the boat's possessions during your charter to avoid a lost item fee. Boatsetter also reserves the right to charge the $30.00 administrative fee, in addition to the replacement costs of the lost item.

Extras fee

In the case that a renter wants to add on services to their charter, like a tube rental or extra hours, the renter will pay 5% on top of the extras cost.

Processing fees

Stripe charges processing fees on any additional payments processed on behalf of the owner. This includes fuel, cleaning, damage/security deposit payments, or other miscellaneous charges like gratuity. The current processing fee is 2.70% + $0.55 per charge. Extras are paid out at the regular commission rate.

Last updated 3/5/2020