Editing your account

Adjusting your job settings

How to adjust job settings:

  • Go to: Captain dashboard > Job settings > Settings

Update your settings to match your preferences for jobs. Once finished, click "Save preferences" and you're done.


Adding boats for you to captain

How to add boats you want to captain:

  • Go to: Captain dashboard > Job settings > Matches > Add boats

To add yourself to a boat, click "+ Activate". Boats that you can add yourself to will always have a blue "+ Activate" button toward the bottom of the listing picture. Boats without "+ Activate" are not eligible for you to add yourself as a captain.


Adjusting your account details

How to edit your account details:

  • Go to: Captain dashboard > Captain information 

Here you can update your "About Me" section, adjust languages spoken and update your years of experience.


Adjusting your calendar to show your availability

How to edit your availability:

  • Go to: Captain dashboard > Job settings > Calendar

To mark a date as unavailable, double click the date on the calendar and change the status from "Available" to "Unavailable".