Getting jobs as a captain

To access your Captain Dashboard, log in to your Boatsetter account on a desktop/laptop device (or mobile web) since the Owners app is not yet built for the captain side of the platform.

Favoriting specific boats

After you create a captain profile, there are a couple of ways to get assigned to a boat:

  • Navigate to your Captain Dashboard > Job settings > Matches > Add boats. Look at the search results for boats in your area. If a boat is accepting new captains, it will have a “Become Captain” button that you can click to be assigned to that boat.
  • Boat owners also have the ability to “Favorite” you as a captain. This associates you with their boat as a suggestion for renters, who determine who operates the boat.

Navigating the captain dashboard

Your Captain Dashboard is home to all things relevant to your captain profile, bookings, availability, license details, payments, and job settings.

If you'd like to view your messages to reply to any inquiries, you can do so by clicking the “Messages” tab in your navigation bar. Be sure to filter by “As Captain” if needed.

If you’d like to view your approved bookings, you can do so by clicking the “Bookings” tab. Again, be sure to filter by “As Captain” if needed.

Once you accept a booking, you will be able to access the renter’s contact information, in addition to the boat owner’s information, by navigating to View booking details > View itinerary.

Updating your availability

Keeping your calendar up to date ensures you are only assigned to potential charters you are actually available to captain. To access your calendar and update your availability, navigate to your Captain Dashboard > Job settings > Calendar.

To learn more about the calendar features, please review our support article here.

Adjusting job settings

You can also set preferences for either general boats you can be assigned to (e.g. length, type, distance traveled) or you may select specific boats to captain:

  • Adjust your preferences for boats you would like to captain. You will only appear as a captain option for boats that meet your preferences.
  • Navigate to your Captain dashboard > Job settings > Matches > Change settings.

If you need additional help, please email Boatsetter Support at or reach our Captains team at (415) 906-5203.