Check-in and check-out

On the day of your booking, you will complete the check-in and check-out with the renter. During this process, you inspect the boat and its equipment and mark your engine hours and fuel level before and after the booking. You can access check-in and check-out from your bookings page or booking details page on the Boatsetter Owners app or on the website. The app is available on iOS and Android

Check-in is available 1 hour before the booking starts until halfway through the duration of the booking. Check-in expires after this point. Check-out is available halfway through the duration of the booking until 1 hour after the booking ends. Check-out expires after this point. You will be sent SMS reminders or push notifications to complete the check-in and check-out on the day of the booking.

It is mandatory that you, or your captain, complete the check-in and check-out process and take accompanying photos. In the case of damages, please email the applicable photos to Failure to complete the check-in and check-out process may result in the denial of your damage claim.

The check-in and check-out process is required for both legal and insurance reasons. Boatsetter boat rentals are covered by GEICO BoatUS world-class insurance, but this coverage requires a fully and accurately completed inspection form. Coast Guard regulations also require that a check-out orientation takes place. If there are damages or losses incurred during the booking, please report the claim to GEICO BoatUS by calling 1-877-970-BOAT (2628) and ask the Boatsetter support crew to put a hold on the renter's security deposit.

If you provide your own commercial insurance and are not insured through our Geico BoatUS insurance, you are not required to complete the check-in and check-out. However, it is highly recommended.

The check-in and check-out process

Be sure you, the captain, or the designated agent complete this process with the renter before the boat departs and after the conclusion of your booking. To correctly complete the check-in and check-out:

  • Do a pre-booking walk-around and take photos. 
    • Review and note the condition of equipment and the boat to confirm everything is operational, as well as mark the engine hours and fuel level.. 
    • Be sure to note any pre-existing damage. 
    • Digitally sign the check-in form with the renter.
  • Do a post-booking walk-around and take photos. 
    • Repeat the process from the start of the booking, noting any new damages or charges (if applicable).
    • Digitally sign the check-out form with the renter.

In the event that you need to report a damage claim, you will be required to email photos of the damage and Boatsetter will use the completed check-in and check-out forms as a reference. 

How to complete check-in and check-out

To start the digital check-in or check-out, open the Owner app to the bookings tab or go to your bookings tab on the website. 

  • Select “Check-in” (or “Check-out”) underneath the appropriate booking
  • Review each section under ‘Equipment inspection’ and confirm they are in good condition, adding notes of their condition where necessary
  • Add the engine hours and fuel level
  • Review the details entered
  • Hand the renter the phone to type and sign their name
  • Type and sign your name
  • Hit “Submit”

You will get a confirmation message that the check-in or check-out has been submitted once both parties have digitally signed and the process completed.

Can someone else handle the inspection process for me?

Yes, the captain or other designated agent may complete and sign check-in and check-out on your behalf. If it is a captained booking and you use the Boatsetter captain network, the captain has direct access to check-in and check-out on our website on the bookings page or booking details page.