Verification Process - Owner

Boatsetter utilizes a verification process that requires every user to input their phone number and basic information before a booking is approved in order to become verified. Owners are required to verify their phone number before proceeding with a booking. This process was incorporated into our system in order to better protect owners from fraudulent charges.

Boatsetter requires renters to complete this process before a booking is approved on our site. If we are unable to verify the renter, the booking will sit in an "unverified" state until we are able to obtain the necessary supporting documents to verify the user.

Failure of a renter to complete this process successfully and/or submitting their credit card and ID to us will result in a cancellation.  A full refund will be processed immediately. 

How to verify your phone number:

To verify your cell phone number, go to your Account > Trust and Verification > Add phone number. Then enter your 10 digit cell phone number and click "Verify" (pictured below).


You will then receive a 4-digit verification code. Enter the code and click "Verify" (standard message and data rates may apply for any messages sent or received). Once your phone has been verified, a green check mark will appear. Now that your phone has been verified, you will receive a text notification for the following:

  • When you receive a message or reservation request 
  • When your reservation request has been accepted, denied, or has expired
  • When your reservation has been canceled 

If you are not receiving the text message code or are an international user, contact Boatsetter Support by phone at 305-600-5435 and we will manually verify your phone number.