How to Help Boost Demand


The general rule is that if you get three good reviews, prospective renters thinking about booking will have a lot more confidence in your boat. The first thing people do after finding a boat that looks appealing is check to see if the reviews match their expectations. Reviews are extremely important not only to gauge how your boat is performing but also to establish your vessel’s reputation and credibility. TIP #18: Be a good host! Like most other platforms, Boatsetter works with ratings - the more 5-star ratings you get, the more the Boatsetter algorithm will like you. 

Use a personal touch. Small efforts can make all the difference toward being a great boat rental host. A simple message to let the renters know that there is construction on the normal route to the marina or to just touch base and wish them a fun day out on your boat can create a strong connection! Try to go out of your way to help the renter enjoy your boat to the fullest – leave a thoughtful note on the boat before departure, ensure your boat is clean and fully equipped for the trip, and provide extras such as water and towels. Keeping consistent communication between you and the renter is the best way to maintain a relationship and receive positive outcomes and reviews. Didn’t receive a review from a previous renter? Don’t hesitate to reach out to renters for a review. In fact, we recommend it!

It can be challenging to get the first few reviews, but people who are happy are usually more than willing to help you out, so encourage happy renters to write a review. Make it your priority to ensure that the first few people who book are extremely happy with their experience. Go above and beyond with your customer service, and then, at the end of the rental, ask for a review. Remember, people are used to being asked for online reviews nowadays.  They’re happy to write them, especially if they’ve had a good time.

Social Media

Outside of Boatsetter’s marketing efforts, word of mouth is the best way to boost your engagement. Get people talking and interested in what you have to offer by sharing your boat with your inner circle and beyond. TIP #19: Share your Boatsetter unique URL link to Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else, anytime. The internet is your boat's best friend - use it! Ask for recommendations. You can attract renters to your listing by letting your friends, colleagues, and neighbors know they can easily and safely rent your boat. The more people who know your boat is available, the more potential renters you will get! 


Generally speaking, search engine optimization means that your listing includes the exact keywords that potential renters are typing into their computers when they’re searching for boats. If people are typing in “water-skiing boat,” then you want the term “water-skiing boat” to be in your listing – not the term “watersports boat” – which the algorithms won’t recognize as meaning the same thing. Optimizing your listing for search engines can help you make a listing stand out, and the Boatsetter team can help you learn which terms are ideal for your listing.

TIP #20: If you want to try and do some of this SEO research on your own, the free Google Trends tool is a good place to start. It lets you type in various keywords and see how popular they are at any given time. Keep in mind that Google scans Boatsetter listings for particular keywords, so the more keywords you have in your listing, the greater chance that a renter will come across your page!

You are encouraged to use this guide alongside Boatsetter Owner Resources throughout your Boatsetter journey. Should you have any additional questions that you can’t find an answer to, please email and we will be glad to help. Happy boating!